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by Blake on March 12, 2015

Gmail is a reliable and sophisticated webmail service that is provided by Google. Through Gmail, you can send and receive as many emails as you wish, and for as long as you wish, without ever being asked to pay a cent for the service. The service is financed through advertisements, thus doing away with the need for the end users to pay for it. As of June 2012, we are told, Gmail.com had grown into the world’s most popular webmail service, with more than 0.4 billion active users worldwide.

www.gmail.com sign up

In order to start using Gmail, you need to sign up. To access the Gmail sign up page, you need to go to the Gmail homepage at www.gmail.com (or mail.google.com), and click on the ‘create an account’ link at the bottom of the page. Upon doing so, you will be taken to the sign up page, where upon completing the very simple sign up form, you will have a Gmail account set up for you.

The account you set up during Gmail.com sign up also allows you to access other Google services. Those include the G+ social network, the YouTube video sharing service, the Blogger service, the GTalk instant messaging service (which is nowadays directly integrated with Gmail)… and many others.

www.gmail.com login

Once you have signed up for Gmail, you will be required to be logged in, whenever you want to use the service. To log into Gmail.com, you need to go the Gmail homepage, at www.gmail.com (or mail.google.com), and enter your username (the one you set up at the time when you signed up) alongside your password. Then click on the ‘sign in’ button, in order to access your Gmail account.

www.gmail.com password reset

If you happen to have forgotten your Gmail.com password, you can reset it in order to continue using the service. To get started in the Gmail password reset process, you need to go to the Gmail homepage/Gmail sign in page at www.gmail.com or mail.google.com. Once there, just below the ‘sign in’ button, you will see a blue link labeled ‘Need help?’ Click on it, and you will be taken to the Google account recovery page. On this page, you will need to click on the ‘I don’t know my password’ option, enter the email address, and then click on the ‘continue’ button. This will get you started on the password reset process. That is a process during which you will have to prove ownership of the Gmail account you want to reset the password for, before you can undertake the password reset.

There may also be cases where you just decide to reset your Gmail password in order to protect the integrity of your account or for any other reasons. To do so, log into your Gmail account, then click on the settings icon (which is represented by a gear cog sign). On the settings page, click on ‘accounts and import’ and then click on ‘change password’. That will allow you to reset your Gmail password.


Recipe Roundup 11 Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe (2013) - A

Recipe Roundup Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes (2013) - B


The work isn’t over yet even after Thanksgiving. If you hosted this year’s celebration, you probably have plates and plates of leftovers you have no idea what to do about. Don’t put them to waste. Cook them into totally new recipes! Here are some ideas.


1 – Thanksgiving Leftovers Nachos

This is definitely my #1 recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers! It is something you can munch up while watching TV and having some rest after a tiring but fulfilling Thanksgiving day. All your favorite ingredients in one! There’s the cheese, the bell pepper, the cranberry sauce, the nachos, everything!

www.girlversusdough.com www.girlversusdough.com


2 – Turkey Tostadas

If nachos are the king of the land, tortillas are the queen! Turkey plus tortilla will make great tostadas! Serve dinner with flat tortillas baked into crispiness and slathered with refried beans and topped with shredded turkey and drizzled with cranberry sauce!

www.sweetlifebake.com www.sweetlifebake.com


3 – Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza


Why would we forget about pizza in times like this when you can throw all leftovers into one pan of pizza dough? No, we can’t forget pizzas! Better check out the recipe linked above to get the idea.

slice.seriouseats.com slice.seriouseats.com


4 – Wine-Infused Thanksgiving Leftovers Empanada

Spices plus turkey, plus everything healthy and a pinch of red wine, you’ll never ask for better empanadas again because this is the best! Argenitinian-inspired meal, this is the ultimate spicy Thanksgiving leftovers recipe!

www.icancookthat.org www.icancookthat.org


5 – Turkey Arepas

Breakfast after Thanksgiving feels like you’re still floating around, aching from body pains. All you wish now is to get a good breakfast to at least have you relaxed. This is one option of a recipe you can make: arepas. I consider them comfort food. Check out the recipe if you can turn them into your comfort food as well.


www.muybuenocookbook.com www.muybuenocookbook.com


6 – Turkey Empanadas

If you’re into not the so-spicy side of empanadas, this is definitely the best alternative. Besides being easy to make, they taste so good too!

www.laylita.com www.laylita.com


7 - Thanksgiving Breakfast Hash

As I was saying earlier, you’ve got to get a good breakfast right after Thanksgiving. Instead of the arepas, have this breakfast hash. I assure you, you’d feel more like a queen than a slave who’s just prepared Thanksgiving like crazy.

www.howsweeteats.com www.howsweeteats.com


8 – Thanksgiving Egg Benedict

Ah, another breakfast option is this egg benedict recipe from Closet Cooking. Oh, right, you can also have this as dinner if you feel like you’d go for the hash for breakfast. Yeap, you’re much welcome, dear.

www.closetcooking.com www.closetcooking.com


9 – Thanksgiving Quesadilla

If you’ve been following this blog for quite sometime now, you’d know my undetered love for quesadilla recipes, so, yeah, it mustn’t be lost. Quesadilla deserves to be on this list (Hehe). Check out the recipe on the link provided above.

www.momtastic.com www.momtastic.com


10 – Thanksgiving Leftover Grilled Cheese

If you don’t go crazy over the picture alone, I don’t know what kind of taastebuds you have. This is mouthwatering! That oozing pile of cheese and cranberry sauce? My goodness!

www.keyingredient.com www.keyingredient.com


11 – Leftover Turkey-Cranberry Sauce Monte Cristo Sandwiches


Save the best for last, they say. But this post proves everything is best. Don’t you agree? And as a finale, enjoy these sandwiches from Noble Pig.

www.noblepig.com www.noblepig.com


DIY Roundup: 5 Homemade Natural Toothpastes

by Diana on November 26, 2013

Who wouldn’t like strong, clean, white set of teeth? Such teeth allow you to enjoy food, love smiling, and have fun without having to worry about toothaches! Check out these five natural toothpastes that you can make at home!

DIY Roundup 5 Homemade Natural Toothpaste


1 – Dr. Oz’ Teeth Whitening Remedy

Have you tried the Crest Whitestrips yet? People say it really works amazing – it whitens your teeth really effectively.  The problem with this store-bought product, though, is it’s not suitable for people with more sensitive teeth. Check out this simple home remedy from Pantry Spa.


www.pantryspa.com www.pantryspa.com


2 – Homemade Toothpaste with Clay and Coconut Oil

Have you heard of Earthpaste before? It’s a comercial product that contains natural ingredients, a better amore natural alternative to your Colgate or any other artificially flouride-rich toothpaste brands. Redmond Earthpaste, though, is a bit expensive. Here’s a cheaper version from Red and Honey.


www.redandhoney.com www.redandhoney.com


3 – Homemade Toothpaste with Coconut Oil

I learned two dangerous things after reading this post at Family Sponge: glycerin stops re-enamelization that causes cavities to not self-heal, and sodium flouride is also an ingredient found in rat poisons! Outrageous, you ask me! Here’s one better toothpaste that’s made from home.


www.familysponge.com www.familysponge.com


4 – Natural Toothpaste with Peppermint

You only need like three ingredients to have this toothpaste: peppermint essential oil, baking soda, and sea salt! Mix them all together in  a little amount of water, and you’ve got it!


www.diynatural.com www.diynatural.com


5 – Homemade Toothpaste from Bonzai Aphrodite

I’m really thinking now to switching from store-bought products to homemade natural ones. To keep it the simplest, check out this recipe for natural toothpaste that contains no sodium lauryl sulfate.


www.bonzaiaphrodite.com www.bonzaiaphrodite.com


DIY Roundup: 7 Homemad Bath Soaps

by Diana on November 26, 2013

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since we had our post for homemade personal care products, so let’s take a break from Thanksgiving crafts and recipes. Here are 7 bath soap recipes you can do at home that are not too expensive!

DIY Roundup 7 Homemade Bath Soaps


1 – Jasmine Dead Sea Salt Soap (and Body Scrub)

Nope, you need not to go to the Dead Sea just to gather up some special salt. Local naturals stores may have them in packs for selling. While normal sea salt can be an alternative, the Dead sea salt is way better becaue of the higher magnesium concentration, which provides therapeutic effects (i.e. improved skin hydration and reduced onflammation).Read more at Essentially Eclectic. You’ll learn a lot from this blogger, I swear!


www.essentiallyeclectic.com www.essentiallyeclectic.com


2 – Lavender and Chamomile Bath Melts

 Do you want to smell divine and leave your skin so soft after a bath? Then you should include this lavender and chamomile bath melts into your bath products. Check out the full recipe at Be Beautiful.

www.bebeautiful-beautyblog.com www.bebeautiful-beautyblog.com



3 – Ginger Soap

 I know, ginger sounds a very unlikely ingredient for soap, but there you have it, ladies. Amanda of Lovin’ Soap made it possible for this root crop to end up in our bathrooms. And it’s surprisingly amazing and doesn’t have the strong ginger smell one would expect.

www.lovinsoap.com www.lovinsoap.com


4 – Rose Vanilla Soap

 Just by the look of it, this soap surely smells so good! It’s perfect as a gift to a girl friend or to your mother. And the best part is it’s easier to make it on your own than you’d think it would be. Check out the recipe on the link provided above.


www.henryhappened.com www.henryhappened.com


5 – Natural Homemade Activated Charcoal Facial Soap

 If you have maturing and combination-kind of skin, this facial soap is perfect, especially this coming winter season when your face needed the mositure to keep it from drying and at the same time be cleansed of all the impurities that can cause you bad breakouts. Warning: the recipe requires complicated work, but al lthe efforts will be worth it.

www.soapdelinews.com www.soapdelinews.com


6 – Milky Rose Soap Bar

 Goat milk and rose petals are the right combination if you’re looking for a soap that would keep your skin smooth and mositurized and at the same time deter the effects of aging. The full recipe is linked above.

www.pvsoap.com www.pvsoap.com


7 – Avocado Oil Soap

 This soap has comfrey infused olive oil, which is believed to have healing properties. Follow the three step-recipe at Soap Making Essetials to make this soap in no time!

www.soap-making-essentials.com www.soap-making-essentials.com


Craft Roundup: 10 Thanksgiving 2013 Activities for Kids

November 24, 2013

Let Thanksgiving be a great time not only for you, grownups, but for the kids, too. Treat it like a pre-holiday celebration, a countdown to Christmas and New Year. What better way to keep their hands busy and make them have fin, but to let them do crafts? I compiled 10 easy kids’ crafts for […]

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DIY Roundup: 12 Kids’ Felt Toys

November 21, 2013

I’ve gotta say, I enjoyed this roundup so much! There are so many clever ideas to use felt in making kids’ toys! Check out all the 12 awesome tutorials  from the best crafters/bloggers today. Here they are. 1 – Egg and Orange Slices Who wouldn’t be impressed with this felt food toy? I’d never guessed this […]

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Recipe Roundup: 12 Desserts for Thanksgiving 2013 (Part II)

November 20, 2013

Eight more days to go before Thanksgiving, but I feel like I’m running out of time to prepare for the big day. Although I’m not hosting this year’s Thanksgiving (my sister holds the flag this time), I have to bring some treats for the kids. My sister asked me to a week ago. She said […]

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Craft Roundup: 5 Welcome Banners for Thanksgiving 2013

November 18, 2013

Banners or buntings are always the got-to decoration for busy moms or people who just don’t have the craft for decorating who’ll be hosting parties. Now that Thanksgiving is fast-apporaching, it’s time to get some ideas for your welcome banners. Here are five you may want to check out. 1 – Thanksgiving Doily Banner Amy made […]

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Craft Roundup: 11 Thanksgiving Centerpieces

November 17, 2013

With Thanksgiving approaching, many stores are opening for you to take your pick of decor and recipe ingredients for the occasion. Sure, centerpieces on sale look like good, but if you want to really dress up your table for all  your guests, doing it yourself is the best option. Here are some ideas you can get […]

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Recipe Roundup: Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Thanksgiving 2013 [Par I]

November 16, 2013

Have you missed our first post for Thanksgiving cocktail drinks? Well, let’s add some more options you can choose from! This time, however, we go non-alcohol. These are good drinks for kids and for non-drinkers. In fact, they are also good choices for drinkers who don’t want to dooze off early or get wasted. So, […]

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