Craft Roundup: 11 Thanksgiving Centerpieces

by Diana on November 17, 2013

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With Thanksgiving approaching, many stores are opening for you to take your pick of decor and recipe ingredients for the occasion. Sure, centerpieces on sale look like good, but if you want to really dress up your table for all  your guests, doing it yourself is the best option. Here are some ideas you can get inspiration from.

Craft Roundup 11 Thanksgiving Centerpieces


1 – Painted Wine Bottle Centerpiece

You know what I’m thinkin’? These wine bottles are so going to be on my table until New Year! They are so classy and elegant, yet so easy and inexpensive to make! Plus, bow you’ve got an excuse to empty all those wine bottles. Get tipsy, y’all!


2 – Burlap-Wrapped Candles Centerpiece

This rustic centerpiece is the perfect fit on a wooden table and if you’re on for a vintage/countryside-inspired theme for Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to pick up some acorns and pine cones to complete this craft project.


3 – Gilded Pumpkins Thanksgiving Centerpiece


If you ever trip into a thrift store, do find some fake small pumpkins and make them into these gilded ones for Thanksgiving centerpiece. The instruction is found at Make and Takes, which I linked above.


4 – Floral Arrangement as Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you’ve got no time these coming days before Thanksgiving to actually sit down and craft your own table centerpiece, this pumpkin vase and floral arrangement is one of your best options. You can make this on the spot! Just carve the inside of a pumpkin and pick some fresh flowers, and you’re there!


5 – Thanksgiving Centerpiece from Life in Wonderland

I can’t believe this centerpiece was actually inspired by Martha Stewart’s bat candy jar. Nevertherless, it’s a beautiful centerpiece! The beans are the center of this art!


6 – Pumpkin Candle Centerpiece

If you click the link above, you’ll find that the post is abouy fall decorating tips and not an actual tutorial of the centerpiece below. Here’s the thing: the tips are great and there are other decorating ideas you can find on the website. On how to make the centerpiece, it’s actually pretty simple. Just carve  pumpkin and put the candle. Get some fallen twigs and leaves to add.


7 – Pretty Table Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

What I love most about this centerpiece is the orange pepper berry garland that adds so much color and vintage-look to the centerpiece. If you have beach rocks, you can add them too!


8 – Thankful Tree Centerpiece

Place some thankful cards onto a crafted tree. Write down all the things you are thankf ul for. In fact, you can make the tree and put it on the center of the table, and then let all the family write down what they are thankful for and pin them cards on the tree. Do this before your meal.


9 – Flower Arrangement Centerpiece

Impress your guests with your creativity and adorn your table with beautiful, freshly-picked flowers from your garden! Then make gorgeous vases to put them into!


10 – Papier Mache Table Centerpiece

The gold plate is gorgeous! But that isn’t the craft project. Haha! I just can’t help but to say it. Anyway, these paper apples and pears are so easy to makee, you can do the project a day before Thanksgiving. Check out the tutorial on the link above.


11 - “Thanks” Centerpiece

What’s a better centerpiece than one that says it all — Thanks? Gather some stones and get your candles ready, and you’ll have thsi super easy, super inexpensive centerpiece!

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